A platform for research: civil engineering, architecture and urbanism

Research Atlas

The research atlas will be generated for the community, which will make it easy to access and search for research activities as well as infrastructure and service offers. The goal is to make subject-specific information and actors visible and easy to discover, as well as to support the identification of experts, thus facilitating networking within the specialist community.

The research atlas is based on the open-source software VIVO. The functions provided by VIVO are extended within the scope of the atlas and adapted to the specific needs of the specialist community. Data sources will be evaluated under various aspects (legal, technical, qualitative) and integrated into the system. Workflows for automated import and update will be designed and implemented for the finally selected source systems.

To support the identification of relevant research outputs and the actors behind them and the resulting networking activities, a profile page is being developed for the keywords used in the Research Atlas. In these profiles, publications, projects, organizations and persons associated with a keyword are displayed. This page is also intended to serve as an introduction to more in-depth searches in the system. Furthermore, visualizations integrated into the topic pages should enable the exploration of the content of the Research Atlas. The content is based on the Subject Thesaurus developed in the FID BAUdigital and the associated infrastructure.