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Open Access

FID BAUdigital identifies the specific requirements for scientific publishing arising from research in civil engineering, architecture and urban studies and develops measures and services to support Open Access publications.

An online survey on "Open Access and Research Data Management" in march 2021 identified the practices and needs of the community. The results were published in fall 2021 and will form the basis for the upcoming Open Access services.

The Services in the field of Open Access will include information and trainings on:

  • basics and current trends about Open Access
  • possibilities of self-archiving (Green Open Access)
  • information on high-quality, subject-specific open access journals
  • how to handle Predatory Publishing
  • information about free licensing models such as Creative Commons
  • information on persistent identifiers for digital objects, authors and organisations (e.g. DOI, ORCID, ROR)

The Open Access section of the FID-BAUdigital portal will provide information on the background and latest developments in Open Access publishing and offer contact options for individual consultations. In addition, workshops and online courses will provide relevant skills on Open Access.

By cooperating with other projects such as DeepGreen or OpenIng, the FID BAUdigital also aims to increase the amount of green open access publications (self-archiving) in the future.

For an intended second project funding phase, the need for a method-based overlay journal will be identified. Such an Open Access journal combines the advantages of preprint servers with the benefits of quality-assuring peer review processes.

The FID BAUdigital is regularly in contact with different actors for the support of Open Access, e.g. with the and the Open Access coordinators of the TU 9.