A platform for research: civil engineering, architecture and urbanism

FID in progress

From the digital reconstruction of destroyed architecture to contemporary computer-based planning and manufacturing processes to the networked city of the future – the specialized information service BAUdigital focuses on digital methods and technologies in the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urbanism. This context results in the challenge of meeting the complex needs of this specialist community, which is very heterogeneous in terms of content and increasingly interdisciplinary. Therefore, an intensive exchange with all participants – especially researchers – is essential.

The FID BAUdigital relies on the expert community from the very beginning: In representative use cases, wishes and requirements are jointly determined on the basis of concrete research projects. These include the supply of and demand for research data, typical processes and procedures for data analysis and reuse, currently used research software and corresponding data formats, but also existing obstacles to finding and accessing research-relevant data, as well as discipline-specific publication cultures for the targeted support of researchers in the field of open access. The use cases represent an essential component of the permanent and structural integration of the specialist community into the work of the specialist information service. In order to evaluate and discuss the developments and services on a larger scale with the specialist community, specialist events (e.g. workshops, conferences, congresses) are organized and attended, and the FID BAUdigital is presented and discussed in relevant research institutions. The FID also networks with thematically and structurally relevant partners on a national and international level beyond the specialist community.

In this process, the FID BAUdigital is accompanied by an 11-member scientific advisory board, whose composition reflects the professional orientation described at the beginning.